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Dashboard design for energybox

Energybox is an IoT and automation company, which provides services to help multi-site customers automate their operations, reduce costs, and improve sustainability.

During the time I was working in Clarity, I help Energybox to design a map view sites monitor and a customizable dashboard. 

My roles

Information architecture

User flow


UI design 


Provide design solution 

2019, 2nd Quarter

Energybox would like to build a unified dashboard for managers to monitor equipment, access, and energy usage of the organisation, manager can customise the dashboard based on their interests.
The design process started from scratch with only a list of keywords generated from a brainstorming section.  I have to understand their services, business goals, client and their problems and feedback in a short period, to do that I have worked closely with the COO, project manager, developers, and the data scientist. At last we have tailor made every single dashboard tiles based on user needs and the way they perceive data

I have categorized keywords into six sections; it helps me to understand the nature and the value of each keyword to the users.

Then I have turned keywords to specifications and create user stories user flow and define access control for each feature.

After all, I have designed the information architecture and created wireframes to visualize the ideas.

Final UI

After energybox have confirmed with the structure and concept of the dashboard, I have created the final UI design based on the band UI guideline.

Map view - site list - map.jpg
Map view - click on location pin.jpg
site dashboard - All subscribed services
site dashboard - All subscribed services
site Dashboard - Customized Dashboard .j
tiles library - Recommand@2x.png
Promote popup ver2@2x.png
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